petty intrigues

Drawing by Amelie von Wulffen

Petty Intrigues was initiated in 2012 by Amelia Telc, Pati Hertling, and Negar Azimi as a salon series
devoted to looking, listening, talking, and eating.

Its only hope and ambition is the generation of novel conversation.

Chef Amelia Telc will devise a menu that merges ideas with food.

The series will be launched with Hilton Als who will read to us. Amelie Von Wulffen will design the menu.

Hilton Als is a writer and critic. He mostly writes for The New Yorker.

Amelie Von Wulffen is an artist who lives and works in Berlin.

The first event will unfold on November 10th, 8 pm at 208 Bowery in New York City.

Tickets, which are to cover food and wine, are $80 dollars.